Chatbot Consultancy

A friendly Chatbot designed to engage your visitors on your website 24/7, answer questions and find new customers automatically.

Main Benefits:

Availability in providing customer support.

Accuracy in responding to customer requests.0%
Improvement in customer support response time.0%
Cost reduction per customer request0%
Faster implementation time compared to human customer support personnel.0%

Why should you engage us?

• Building a chatbot requires expertise in different technologies, user profiles, conversational UX, conversational intelligence, natural language processing, and more. Combined with this expertise, customer-centric focus, expertise with AI conversational capabilities, into one solution to build the best bot possible for your business.

• We are familiar with the various platforms, technologies, and bot frameworks which are available, and can guide you on your decision
✓ API integrations
✓ RBAC ( Role Base Access Control )
✓ Integration of CI/CD
✓ Extending the solution to integrate with Machine
✓ BOT Analytics
✓ Sharepoint , Teams, Xmatters – integration.

Product solutioning

We will take you through the journey of understanding Chatbots such as FAQ, Intelligent ones and Actionable BOTs.

• Implementing CI/CD for BOT deployments and future Enhancements.

• Helping you to solve your chat solution end-end, with a flexibility to accommodate your custom needs.

Solutions – Build & Deploy.

AI For Business can work with you to identify the use case and drive the design by embedding the right folks in the projects.
Team members are skilled in:

• Artificial Intelligence
• Machine Learning
• Programming Languages
• Designing Data Pipelines