AI and ML Consultancy

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been proved to be real game changers in today’s business world. Leverage the best-in-class AI technologies and Algorithms by engaging a professional team with vast experience in the AI field.

Main Benefits:

Leverage Artificial Intelligence | Integration with existing systems.

Cutting edge technology usage.0%
Faster Time to market by using the best libraries, Algorithms and AI cloud services0%
Improved Customer Experience0%

Why should you engage us?

• To understand the different AI capabilities and how to adopt them into your business.
• To remove any uncertainty on how to implement Text Analytics Search , Video Analytics and other AI Services with proper security and integration in a product design.
• To have standardized approach using Agile Methodologies and CI/CD.
• To remove any Infrastructure / application coding skill gaps which may exist in project teams.
• To understand Security restrictions and considerations from design stage.
• Engaging us means to work with a professional team able to handle different Cloud providers like AWS or Azure.

Product solutioning.

• We will take you through the journey of understanding Cognitive Services & Machine Learning and how to implement them.
• Azure Text Analytics API
• Azure Computer Vision API
• Azure Cosmos SQL Queries
• Azure Search fundamentals like indexers, indexes
• Video Indexer
• Amazon Rekognition Video & Image
• Amazon Kinesis
• Amazon Lambda
• Machine Learning custom development with Python
• Deep Neural Networks

Solutions – Build & Deploy.

AI For Business can work with you to identify the use case and drive the design by embedding the right folks in the projects.

Team members are skilled in:
• Artificial Intelligence
• Machine Learning
• Programming Languages
• Designing Data Pipelines